Types of Emails your eCommerce store should send

The type of email you send is crucial in digital marketing. The right ones can result in just the ROI that you’d want. Let’s take a quick look at what type your store should be sending.

Obviously, email marketing is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy. They are a classic, great way to not only keep in touch with the customers but also to retain them.

If you are wondering what types of emails are best for your customers, happy reading!

Abandonment campaigns

According to a study done on the behavior of online shoppers, 3/4th of the customers decided to abandon the site without completing a purchase. This could be for many reasons. In order to tackle this, you can create two kinds of abandonment campaigns to win such customers back.

  • Browse Abandonment email campaigns are designed for you to display the products that the customers browsed through, but did not end up buying them. Sending a personalized mail containing products, or offers related to such products, to a person who showed interest in them yields more chance to sales.
  • On the other hand, a campaign called Cart Abandonment email campaign is designed to target customers who add products to the cart but abandon the cart without buying. Sending them products that they left out in the cart increases the chances of them finishing the buying process.

Win-back emails

This email campaign is designed to emphasize customers who have not purchased at your store for a while. You can suggest new arrivals and trending products through these emails. This way you can trigger their interest to buy these products. Sending product recommendations based on customers’ purchase history and browsing history can also be a great way to win customers back.

Many customers tend to be attracted towards complementary, or relevant products to their previous order. If they are found to be useful and relevant, it will yield more purchases from such customers.

For example, if a customer has bought a camera, relevant products such as lenses, batteries, memory cards, and other accessories can be recommended in order to attract more purchases from that customer. This will eventually yield visibility to your website, ultimately resulting in sales and income.

Reward campaigns

These email campaigns could probably be the most attention-seeking ones. One of the best ways to retain customer loyalty is by offering them in terms of regular prices and exciting offers that save their money. Coupon codes, discounts, and other reward systems act as an attractive add-on that influences a customer’s decision on buying.

With the help of data like the browsing history of a customer, you can learn what kind of products the customer is interested in. Sending exciting offers related to such products will lead to more sales. This may also lead to new customers.

At the end of the day, who wouldn’t like the idea of their money being saved, even if it’s little.

Purchase again campaigns

This email campaign is focused on customers who purchase products that can be purchased on a regular basis. Products like cosmetics fall under this category. These emails can also show similar products of ones that they have purchased before. It is a highly advisable option for generating frequent purchases, as it will eventually accelerate brand loyalty in return.

It is important to also let them know about discounts on these products because they tend to order sooner or more. Once shoppers are used to buying a product regularly on a site, fluctuations in price are not much of a concern for them.


Newsletters are known to be the most popular means of email marketing. They are definitely a great way to let people know about any new arrivals in your store. They can also include a few other attractive updates. A well crafted weekly newsletter can help in promoting re-buyable products and offers related to them. Newsletters containing personalized recommendations based on customer’s behavior history can generate upselling and cross-selling.

Final points

When your email marketing strategy is strong, it is definitely going to boost your sales. This means you can ease a little when you are confident that email campaigns can work wonders for you.