How we improved sales conversion by 270% using Transactional Emails?

“Can Transactional emails help in bringing more sales conversions?”
was the question echoing continuously inside me.

This scenario was happening because the work desk at CartRabbit needs me as an email marketer. So, I wanted to find out all possible channels (rest of social media) available to bring revenue for my eCommerce technologies.

I cleaned my desk… filled my coffee mug and started to work my fingers over the internet to pull case studies relating the topic.
Every hour in search of potential information, I go on refilling my mug.

Mug 1. Is email marketing still relevant to the happening trend in eCommerce?

Before analyzing the potential of transactional emails, I made sure to check the survival rate of email marketing in the on-going digital trend.

Is email marketing still relevant to the happening trend in eCommerce?

As eCommerce marketers, we have got a lot of social media platforms to promote our product and services. But have we ever spent a thought on email marketing campaigns as a marketing tool? I’m pretty sure most of us in the eCommerce community underrate the potential email campaigns.

But, Surprisingly emails generate the highest ROI (Return of Investment) compared to any other internet marketing strategy, says the surveys conducted by Optinmonster and Get response.

An Email campaign is the traditional marketing strategy to nurture leads. It helps in sales conversion too. You see, 5.2 billion is the number of people using emails as of 2018.
Quite a Number!

Now that I’m convinced on doing email marketing campaigns, I started to look for the various types to send an email- Welcome, Offer, Promotional, Survey, Request, Anniversary, email Newsletters and much more were on the list when it comes to email types.

Narrowing it to basic 3 types,

  • Informational– Say, email Newsletters which are used to share informational content to customers regularly. These are for indirect brand marketing.
  • Never try to sell a product in your newsletters.
  • Promotional– Direct email campaigns are purely the marketing emails that are sent to make customers buy products. These are direct, targeted and goal oriented.
  • Transactional– These are the automatically triggered emails that are sent to customers when they make business engagement with any online store or services.

Mug 2. What’s & Why’s of Transactional Emails?

Most of us will be familiar with the first two types but the 3rd seems new to me. So, What exactly are these Transactional emails?

Meanwhile, I paused my work and thought of ordering some food online.
Opened an online food application.

Choose my cuisine.

Placed order.

Seconds later an email notification reached my mailbox reading the confirmation order email- Now that’s a perfect illustration of transactional email.

Transactional emails are automatically triggered emails, send to a website visitor when he engages with an eCommerce store through a website or via a mobile application. Transactional emails are custom emails with certain context and based on that context, they are classified into 4 types,

Whenever a website visitor gets to the landing page of our store or subscribes to the email newsletter for the first time, a Welcome email is sent.

When the customer initiates an order, a Confirmation email is sent asking for customer acknowledgment.

Many times the customer chooses to reset a password, updates credentials and in that process notification email is triggered.

Reminder emails will take up the task to remind on subscription plan renewal, shopping cart abandonment( in case of eCommerce store) and it provides a Call-to-action feature to the customers as well.
That’s all for the ‘What’ portion of the post.

Next, Why Transactional emails?

  • The click-through rate of transactional emails is 4.8% which is 3x higher than that of other email types.
  • 43% of transactional emails gives engagement after it gets click opened.

Marketing for an online eCommerce store, I see enough opportunity to increase conversion using email marketing services. The web has many SaaS application which helps your store to run email campaigns for free. But entrusting a free email service provider is not recommended because they do not provide you with advanced features and the data security of your complete customer email list may go at risk.

I got your back covered for this folks!

Analyse the complete features of a paid email campaign service free for a couple of week’s time.

Better use it before Buying!

“Sell & Spread your Brand Anywhere and Everywhere”

Mug 3. How we improved Sales Conversion rate using Transactional emails?

Stop being a Chatbot!

Most of us would have ignored many default emails on seeing ‘Canned’ statements. Right? That’s because we generally don’t like to get a response from a chatbot. We‘ll lose interest in the exchange.

So never make your customers feel that they are being answered by machines.

Greeting customers with their names is the best way to personalize emails. It is the way to show customers that they aren’t replied by chatbots. Make the customers feel special rather like a common one in the bucket. The customers give you enough data (for example- Customer name) during their purchase, transactions. Use those data and provide useful shopping suggestions. Encourage them to shop for more. Personalizing emails can make good sales conversions.

Start being a Shopping Santa!

Don’t we love getting discount coupons from our favorite shopping brand?
Of course, We all do. Coupons are all time discount favorites.
Try gifting loyal customers and frequent website visitors with discount coupons.

Transactional emails opened us with an opportunity to bring back recover cart abandoned customers. We offered those customers with Welcome Coupons and know what? This coupon idea made the big push forward on the sales conversion rate.

Offering coupon codes along with transactional emails is the best email campaign technique to improve customer engagement. You can also ask your customers to refer a friend to earn more coupons. This is a two-way win. The existing customers get a coupon discount and at the same time, your store gets the opportunity to make new customers.

#InsideIdea- Make sure your coupons carry a timer. Give customers time-limited coupons for getting quick conversions.

Share & Update on New Launches

An eCommerce store always launches new products to grow business. So, it is important for you to let your customers know about the latest news. Share transactional emails with product images, blog post links on recent trends as well. Frequent updations on the store’s products will increase customer engagement.

Social Connect

Building a Community is easier said than done! but take it from me my friend, the time taken to grow a community may be long but once done you’ll be at the peak of your brand’s success.

The brand value of your online shopping store expands when you get an active audience in social media. Obviously, when more people see your brand shared online the opportunity to make new customers is also more. Share Social media buttons to engage the customers in digital space.

#InsideIdea- Make sure you present customers with buttons rather than links to click because buttons encourage more participation than plain-looking links.

-You can see that Net-A-Porter(online fashion store) share social buttons at the bottom of the mail for the customers to get connect.

Showcase your Brand

As online store-keepers, how can we display product showcases?
The answer is with Transactional emails.

-Look at the shopping display of the Net-A-Porter in the mail.
Looks Impressive. Isn’t it?

The transactional email offers a good platform to exhibit the best selling products of your online store. Display the top-selling products of your brand for the customers to know. Also, creating a unique transactional email template showing your brand logo with simple design and bright shades creates a good impression of the brand.

Show Useful Shopping Recommendations

Recent shopping scenario, I went on to purchase a digital camera online but at the end of the day, my cart had a digital camera along with a memory stick. What made me to buy both? The eCommerce store in their transactional email showed some ‘frequently bought together’ suggestion.
Also, I found the recommendation to be useful for my purchase.
Adding both the products to the cart was a better option.

Similarly, we did succeed in making potential upsell and cross-sell to our customer list by providing them with product-related suggestions.

How to avoid getting your email campaign spammed?

At last, make sure to concentrate on a few technical aspects as well before creating an email to avoid spam.

  • The primary message of the transactional email should be at the top of the email template.
  • Try avoiding sale promotional tags and sales pitching liners in the subject.
  • Avoid using email addresses like [email protected], [email protected], etc. Instead, try using professional email addresses. [email protected] is a best professional template for an email address.

Toast! for Better Sales!