How we improved sales conversion by 270% using Transactional Emails?

“Can Transactional emails help in bringing more sales conversions?”
was the question echoing continuously inside me.

This scenario was happening because the work desk at CartRabbit needs me as an email marketer. So, I wanted to find out all possible channels (rest of social media) available to bring revenue for my eCommerce technologies.

I cleaned my desk… filled my coffee mug and started to work my fingers over the internet to pull case studies relating the topic.
Every hour in search of potential information, I go on refilling my mug.

Email Marketing – What Is It And How It Works?

What is email marketing? To be direct, you promote your brand values and your products / services to your email recipients. But, the most important part is to build a good relationship with the recipients, also called leads. Whether you strike a deal or not depends on the emails you send. What’s your chance of striking a deal with your leads?

By striking a deal, I mean the conversion of leads into customers and generating ROI. You strike a deal only when the reader finds your emails intuitive, clicks through them, reads them and engages with your brand. Looks like it is easier said than done? To an extent, yes. But the results can be astonishingly awesome if you do your marketing right.