How to reduce cart abandonment in an eCommerce store?

How to reduce cart abandonment in an eCommerce store?

Reducing eCommerce cart abandonment

Let’s face the fact — more than 70% of the shoppers abandon their cart.

According to the Baymard Institute, a UK based Web Usability research institute, more than 69.89% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

That means, 7 out of 10 eCommerce visitors who add an item to their cart leave your store without buying.


As a store owner, losing a conversion means more than losing an order. You are losing a potential customer, whose life-time value (LTV) might be much bigger than his abandoned cart value. Even 10 times bigger than that one lost sale.

Yourselves might have abandoned the cart when you were shopping online at some point of time.

So what we could do to bring back the lost sales and reduce the shopping cart abandonment? Let’s explore.

What is a cart abandonment?

When customers add items to their cart and then leave without completing the purchase, we call it as a cart abandonment.

There are a number of reasons why a customer leaves without purchasing.

Baymard Institute has outlined the top reasons for cart abandonment in their research.


Baymard says that optimizing the checkout experience would help you increase the conversions by 35 percent. It says “If we look at the combined e-commerce sales of $738 billion in the US and EU (source: eMarketer, 2015), the potential for a 35.26% increase in conversion rate translates to $260 billion worth of lost orders which are recoverable.”

But that still leaves about another 35% of abandoned carts that could still not be recovered.

Fortunately, you don’t have to just sit back and accept that your abandoned cart rate is 70%.

You can still win back those lost sales.

Put your abandoned cart recovery on Autopilot

Most store owners do not have a strategy or even a checklist to recover these abandoned carts. They simply don’t do anything.

Some store owners do try sending an email manually.

But imagine a situation: Your online store receives hundreds of orders in a day. Would it be possible for you to manually sift through each abandoned cart and send out a follow up email?

Even if it involves sending an email with just two lines, it means several hours spent on doing the same task over and over.

A few store owners use a plugin (often a newsletter plugin) to send a follow up. Is that one email sufficient to bring conversions? Absolutely No. Not everyone responds at the first follow up itself.

A good abandoned cart recovery campaign involves multiple follow-ups and different motivating factors, which will help winning back that lost sale. The average conversion rate for a multi-step abandoned cart recovery campaign is well over 18%.

So how we could do that?

Solution: Put your cart recovery campaigns on Autopilot mode using Campaignrabbit , the easy-to-use Marketing Automation tool for WooCommerce.
Let’s me walk you through step-by-step for creating an effective abandoned cart recovery campaign using Campaignrabbit.
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Creating your first abandoned cart follow up email

The objective of the campaign is to automatically send an email follow up whenever a customer abandons their cart. Now or in the future.

NOTE: You need not to create this campaign again and again. Once done, it automatically will send the follow-up emails when customers abandon their cart.

Let’s get started.

In your Campaignrabbit Dashboard, click on the “Campaigns” section -> Create New Campaign button to start the process.

Step 1: Choose your Audience

  • Click on the Add Filter button and choose the condition: Order Status.
  • Set this to Unpaid. (Any orders in WooCommerce with the status “Pending payment” means they were Unpaid). If you have the data already synchronised, you would see the customers that match this condition.
  • Also, set the Last Ordered On filter to More than 1 day. This will ensure that the email is triggered in 24 hours.

choose-the-audience Proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Campaign Settings

Set a subject line for your first follow up email. Make sure you choose a simple, catchy email subject line

According to studies, more than 60% of the people open their email based on the subject line. More open rates will result in more conversions.

Here are some good examples

  • Your [SITENAME] Basket (replace the [SITENAME] with your site name]
  • Claim your bag now! Your cart expires in 24 hours
  • Did you forget something!
  • Your cart is reserved. [OPEN]
  • Complete your order now to save 10%! (Make sure to include a coupon code in the email message)
  • Hurry! Your cart is about to expire

These are simple, short subject lines that give a motivation to open the email and take an action.


Step 3: Create your message

Campaignrabbit comes with a beautiful, visual email builder. You can drag and drop the elements to create responsive emails that look better even in mail clients like Outlook.

You can either choose a pre-built template to start the design or you can build from scratch. Just drag and drop!


Heads up! Don’t forget to include a “link to the cart” so that the customer can complete his order. If you wanted to get a bit creative and want to up-sell, you can recommend a product as well.

Now, hit “Save and Set Live” to make the campaign live.

That’s it!. You have successfully created your automated follow-up campaign for abandoned cart recovery.

Now let’s look at how you can create the next follow up campaign that sends out two days after your first follow up email.

Drip Campaigns — Automatically sending a second follow up

So your first automated email follow up has been sent. What if the customer did not complete the order?

The cart is still abandoned. So we got to remind by in the third day again (a 3 day interval is normal. If you send an email everyday, customer might feel being spammed).

Studies found that having a multi-step cart abandonment campaign has an average conversion rate of about 18%.

So how do we do that automatically? Well, let me introduce you a new marketing term — “Drip Campaigns”

If you are familiar with what is a Drip Campaign, then you can skip the next paragraph

Drip Campaign is a method used to send a series of follow up emails to the target audience. You might have already experienced this when you sign up for a SaaS service like Buffer

So how do we create a Drip Campaign for Abandoned Cart recovery?

Let’s start creating another campaign in Campaignrabbit Dashboard -> Campaigns.

In the audience section, use the filter: Last Contacted On and the Last Ordered On filters together.

followup-email-content This campaign will be triggered 3 days after the customer received the first email (Last Contacted flag will make sure that happens)

And the “Last Ordered On” filter is set because we only want to send this email to those who abandoned their carts three days ago and still has not converted.

This way, you can add multiple campaigns and set them to automatically follow up your customers and convert the abandoned carts as sales.