How to quickly grow your email list

How to quickly grow your email list

How to grow your email list rapidly?

A loyal customer who keeps coming back for more value from your products is an asset for any business but the scenario here is that email databases deplete every year by a whopping 22.5% . That is something to be concerned about when when customers play a pivotal role in business. In this case, getting back this loyal following is a tedious task. Instead, learning the art of retaining the customer is vital here. This second phase of the process is completely dependent on the initial step which is all about how to build an email list.

Building an email list for an established business and for a start-up is like two different sides of a coin. The effort put in is greater for a start-up with more of a psychological approach targeting the leads to be converted into customers whereas a simple contest or survey would suffice an established business. This post is all about the methods that are viable to grow your email list rapidly. Before that, you must know why it is not advisable to purchase an email list rather than building it.

Never purchase an email list. Here’s why

  • Purchasing an email is treachery at it’s best demonstrated by both the buyer and the seller. It is a breach of trust that a subscriber has in you and this implies loss of a potential customer.
  • No loyal following because you deal with some unknown person.
  • It is a violation of law under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with effect from May 2018 applicable in countries that fall under the European Union but the global impact is undeniable.
  • Your IP reputation is at stake and getting back on foot might take ages.
  • Email Service Providers (ESPs) do not encourage this act.

Forget about buying an email list and get involved in email list building best practices.

Methods to grow an email list

An email list is something that no business must miss out on, especially small and mid-sized businesses. You might ponder on as to how to build an email list from scratch. Let’s say that you have only a handful of email addresses on record. Where would you start? You might want to consider email marketing but there is something else of more importance in order to market. It is content. This is why Bill Gates said way back in 1996 that ‘Content is king’ which still holds true today and it will for decades to come.

Content of value

Information is all over the internet and people love to binge on it 24/7. Good content, blogs in specific, outshine others by engaging the readers in a better way. By engaging, I mean the takeaway points that stand out and value they get from the time invested for the reading. When your content gets associated with value, the readers yearn for more and they willingly sign up to become your subscribers.

This is the starting point to grow an email list. To speed up the growth, content is coupled with email marketing list building strategies. Both literally go hand-in-hand. Take a look at email marketing and the tactics used to grow an email list.

Email Marketing

The name says it all. It is a promotional activity done by a business with the help of marketers to convert leads into customers. The sad truth is that people turn their backs when they encounter frequent promotional emails. Here is the catch. It turns out that email marketing for WooCommerce or any other website is much more than sending out promotional emails. One of the key areas where email marketing focuses on is email list building for the exponential growth of an existing list. Read on for more details.
  • Consider adding an opt-in for your website
    Using an opt-in method to get subscribers is viable because the benefit is mutual here. You provide them with some content of their expectation, probably for free, in return for their subscription. I came across these words when surfing a page in Optinmonster. They read
12 proven ways to convert abandoning visitors into subscribers
Yes, I want more subscribers. | No, I have enough leads.

It appeared when I was about to leave the page, hence named an ‘exit intent popup’. Even though there seems to be another step involved to fill up the name and email address, the statement ‘Yes, I want more subscribers’ makes you take the leap. Words do matter in an opt-in.

Opt-ins come in the form of popups, slide-ins, and even call-to-action bars that appear in the side, header, or footer. The important part is that opt-ins are not meant to infuriate the site visitor. They must not jump out of a corner when the visitor is engaged with the content. Give the visitor around 15 seconds after which the opt-in form appears in a subtle manner. So, a timed opt-in works best.

A single opt-in has a better growth rate for email list though the double opt-in generates an email list of better quality by confirming the subscription via the email address.

  • Promote newsletters and other content through social media
    Email marketing outperforms every other type of marketing but social media is just second to it. The power of social media cannot be underestimated.

    Newsletters are generally informational content that does not focus on selling. It is indirect marketing which provides some exclusive information that is not part of the blog. Give a glimpse of the content in the newsletter via Facebook posts and other mediums. This prompts the reader to subscribe to your website.

    Another good idea to build an email list is to provide in-email social sharing options. GetResponse says that the average email Click Through Rate with social sharing options is 6.2% whereas for others it is 2.4%.
  • A giveaway, executed right, always pays back
    To host a successful giveaway, the prize must be something worthy of and something that the visitors have been looking forward to for a long time.

    For example, consider that you own a blog based on makeup and beauty.

    You have recently come up with a makeup line of your own in collaboration with a biggie. The launch is going to be live streamed exclusively for subscribers and in addition, first 50 subscribers post the announcement get the whole set of launched products for free. Doesn’t that sound great? It does but…there is a problem of other subscribers getting away with nothing. That would be a disappointment. So, the key is to offer something for every subscriber. Here, let’s say other subscribers get the same products at half the price along with some vouchers for shopping further. This might sound crazy but yes, it does work well for growing an email list.

Reduce the length of sign up forms

A website can have sign up forms in multiple pages and in different formats. The formula that makes the sign up form attract more subscribers is a good copy and just one field for entering the email address. Of course, the name field will help in personalization but when considering growing an email list, just the email address will do the job.

More landing pages. More leads

A landing page is meant specifically for a marketing campaign. You will find a prominent CTA on a landing page which prompts the user to give their email address. The very purpose of a landing page is to generate leads.

For example, a company X has 5 landing pages and another Y has 10 landing pages. Which one do you think will generate a better growth in email list for the same number of visitors? Without a doubt, company Y. This is proven with the report from Hubspot that says lead generation increases by 55% when the number of landing pages increases from 10 to 15.

Here is a bonus.

Email list segmentation

Segmenting the huge database of available email addresses is very vital, especially for an e-commerce business. The division can be made based on various parameters like time of purchase, money spent, preferred products, location, and so on. This, in turn, helps in retargeting customers to purchase more by sending out personalized promotional emails. Email list segmentation is one major email marketing list building strategy that every store owner must know about. CampaignRabbit is one such email campaigning tool to retarget customers effectively.

Benefits of building an email list

Now that you have put in the effort, let’s take a look at the benefits of using the email list building ideas. After all, you reap what you sow.

  • Better reach than social media
    Social media is the rage of the era but stats prove otherwise when it comes to marketing. A survey by Optinmonster says the number of email users is higher than that of social media users. Another fact is that 60% of people prefer email for receiving promotional messages. The facts speak for themselves, right?
  • Get to know your customers
    Having an email list is beneficial in understanding the customers’ behavior and choices. It is a direct communication that a business makes with a person. It can be targeted to a certain group or even personalized for converting the subscribers into customers.
  • Minimal investment and higher ROI
    Designing a brochure, a flyer, marketing on social media - all of these are time-consuming and sometimes creates a hole in the pocket. Emails comparatively need very minimal or zero investment to do the same work. Optinmonster shows a good comparison between email and social media in terms of ROI. As per the study, every $1 spent for email marketing is getting an ROI of $44. What more can you ask for?
  • Completely under your control
    Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and how many ever social platforms you consider, all of them ask for an email address to connect with the user. So, email address plays a pivotal role and when a business literally owns a list of them, it is their biggest asset. Unless the user opts to change the email or unsubscribe, no other platforms can pose a threat to the list maintained.

Time never waits for anyone. Don’t think twice and just get on with it.

Happy email list building!