9 Effective Automated Emails To Grow Your eCommerce Revenue

9 Effective Automated Emails To Grow Your eCommerce Revenue

The eCommerce sector makes shopping much easier for today’s world where people spend most of the time on the internet. Clothes, books, food, electronics, this and that, anything and everything, from A to Z (like the Amazon logo) is available at your doorstep with just a click.

Every eCommerce establishment must ‘KNOW’ their customer base in depth. This in turn helps in generating revenue in leaps and bounds. The tool that is used passively to generate such revenue is automated email. Here is a peek into how how automated emails grow online business. Any automated email will not do the work though. With tons of research and trial & terror methods followed, marketers have come up with the most effective emails that pay back in multi-fold in terms of revenue.

Here, I present them.

9 Effective eCommerce Automated Emails to grow your business

1. Welcome Emails

The very first step of engagement with the customer - the welcome email. It is only obvious that you welcome a person when he comes over home. It is an instant reaction. The same applies to welcome emails in business. A person subscribes and you send a welcome email within seconds. This is very much possible with automated emails.

There is no better way to break the ice with your subscribers than sending them a welcome email at the right time. It is also a way to thank them for joining your family. But, sometimes, welcome emails are underestimated. Is it because it does not generate revenue? Well, here are the facts.

Welcome Emails

Now that you know how effective a welcome mail can be, let’s check out how to nail it.


A warm welcome - Of course, this is the main purpose of the welcome email. Use the subject line of the mail for the welcome and hint about the same at the start of the content.

Personalize - This is completely optional. Personalization does create a better rapport and improve sales but even without it most people still do open up the welcome emails.

Convey subscriber expectations - You can probably let your subscribers know what to expect as a member of your community, like newsletters, offers, occasional blog posts, and the like.

Give a discount - This is what will bring about sales conversion. You can either choose to just mention the discount offered or give a coupon code to be used on check out.

Include a prominent CTA - Call-to-action must accompany the discount offered. It can simply say ‘SHOP NOW’.

Encourage social sharing - Revenue can be increased by asking your subscribers to do some social sharing. The buttons must be present at the bottom of the email.


Delay - The welcome email must reach your subscriber’s inbox within the blink of an eye. Any delay in doing this, be it an hour or a day, will affect revenue and create a bad impression.

Enforce the idea of sales - Welcome emails are actually not meant to generate revenue. It is about including a member to your family. For the sake of marketing, sales have cropped in here too but it must be in a subtle manner with just one CTA.

Include content of great lengths - The whole of the content in the email must only be within the range of 50 - 150 words. No person will have the patience to keep reading chunks of text.


2. Customer Re-engagement Emails

The chances of a person disengaging himself from others and social platforms are very common nowadays. The reasons are unpredictable and mostly it is because there are various other sources out there for everyone to explore.

It is the same with eCommerce platforms. Too many have come up in recent times and people tend to get pull towards many at the same time. So, it is no wonder if you find some of your regular customers not returning to you.

This is your chance to take the reins. You cannot just let go off them. In fact, it is 5 times easier to retain a customer than to get a new one.

An automated email can be sent out to your customer if they have been found to be inactive for a certain period of time. This time period is to be set by you. It can be anywhere from 1 month to 6 months or even beyond that.

A re-engagement email must entice a customer without hesitation and personalization is the secret behind it. It is not just about the name but personalization can get deeper by focussing on the customer’s purchase history. Check out the example

Sample Email Template

Hello Sam!
It’s been a while. We missed you so much.

Looks like you have been held up with other things for quite some time since we did not find you coming back to us for more shopping. That is OK. 

But, it is our duty to keep you abreast of all the offers that you are entitled to on your next visit.

Oh Yes! We have stocked up on your favorite genre of crime thriller books which are International Best Sellers already. And you know what? Get 3 books and pay just for 2. 

Shop Now 

and check out the books waiting to devour you.

Won’t you shop again for an email like this?

3. Cross-Sell and Upsell Emails

Marketing is all about tactics. Every seller keeps coming up with various ideas to increase the revenue and one such idea was to cross-sell and upsell.

Both these methods are pioneered by the eCommerce giant, Amazon. To understand the two methods of marketing, here is an example.

You plan to buy a camera. You are suggested to opt for a premium version of the same with better features and additional memory capacity - Upsell Again, you plan to spend on a camera. The seller suggests you buy a camera case too along with the camera. - Cross Sell

Get the difference?

Upsell is marketing a better product or service of the same category with a higher price. Cross Sell is marketing a product that complements the original product, usually of a different category, intended to be bought.

Did you know that nearly 35% of Amazon’s sales are directly related to upselling strategy? This fact proves the effectiveness of the strategy.

You might have seen these phrases - “Customers who bought this item also bought” and “Frequently bought together”. This is what it is all about.

Things to do to automate a good upsell/cross-sell email

  • Study your customer base

    1. The browsing behavior
    2. Purchase history
    3. Preferences
  • Collect and update customer data by using the segmentation method

    1. Segmentation means categorizing customers based on demography, gender, age, and other parameters.
    2. The main data to be collected is what people usually wish to purchase together.
  • Frame an upsell / cross-sell strategy based on the data and send out targeted emails to increase the revenue.
  • Automate the emails and send them out at the right time

Timing is absolutely important when automating an upsell / cross-sell email. The best time to make the customer buy extra goods is after checkout when the marketing strategy is in the form of an email.

Alternatively, upsell / cross-sell strategy can be combined with post-purchase emails which are sent out immediately after completing the purchase or probably after a few days that coincide with the delivery time of the goods.

Considering the fact that post-purchase emails have a conversion rate of 9.16%, this is definitely not a bad idea.

Here is a sample upsell / cross-sell email


4. Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

It is 5 times more expensive to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. Considering this fact, it is very essential to get back a customer who has abandoned a cart without making a purchase. Bigcommerce says that 15% of abandoned carts can be recovered. Automated email marketing plays a crucial role in sending out emails to remind a customer about the abandoned cart.

The reasons for the action can be anything, regardless of the price issue. For say, it can be poor internet connectivity, technical issues, or any other. So, it is absurd to provide a discount in the first cart recovery email and put your margin at stake.

If you are planning a drip campaign which is a series of targeted emails spread across time, providing a discount in the later phase might prove useful but otherwise, a kind reminder will do the job.

Let’s check out how to craft a cart recovery email using CampaignRabbit
  1. Sync your store with the CampaignRabbit to start off with.
  2. Select ‘Abandoned Cart Emails’ under the ‘Campaigns’ drop-down menu in the sidebar.
  3. Select ‘Create New Campaign’. NewCampaign
  4. In Choose Audience section, set two filter conditions - order status (unpaid), last ordered (more than 2 days ago)


  1. Campaign Settings is optional since the emails are triggered when the filter conditions match.
  2. Finally, in the Message section, enter the subject line and choose a template from the provided ones or create your own.
  3. Key in your text message in the template and add images of your choice. EmailRemainder
  4. Make the message look the way you like it using the editing options available.
  5. Click on ‘Send Test Email’ to check the result from the viewers’ end.
  6. Select ‘Save & Set Live’ to set off the campaign. saveAndSetLive

5. Follow Up Emails

Do you think that you are done with your part once the product has been sold? If so, expect the worst that is yet to come. You can lose a loyal customer if this part is missed out.

Sales is not the final destination when it comes to eCommerce sales. You have to get back to your customer even after the sale. It is a way to retain a customer.

The purpose?

First is to thank them for the purchase, second is to ask for feedback about the purchased product, and the last one is to recommend other similar products to the customer based on the purchase history, thereby, trigger more sales.

Another term used for such emails is Post-purchase emails. They can be sent separately within a certain time frame or all the three can be combined to save more time.

Automate these emails with CampaignRabbit.

Let us look at recommending products as an example.

Thumb rule to follow: Recommend similar products or another product that complements the one already purchased.

For say, your customer has purchased a cool T-shirt. You can probably recommend him a good pair of jeans to go with it or even another T-shirt of a similar kind.

Now, how do you send out this email in CampaignRabbit.

  • Navigate to ‘Automated Emails’ under ‘Campaigns’ on the sidebar.
  • Select ‘Create New Campaign’.
  • Choose the filter condition in the ‘Choose Audience’ section as product and mention T-shirt. (All the people who opt for a T-shirt gets filtered) campaignSetting
  • Set the start date and end date in the ‘Campaign Settings’. (The emails will be sent out to people who purchase a T-shirt in this time frame) campaignSetting
  • Move on to the ‘Message’ section and draft your email UpsellingCampaigns

Sample Email Template

Thank you for your purchase!

Your choice of T-shirt was very good indeed.   

We have more similar ones in stock if you like to purchase more. And of course, we also have a handful of quirky jeans to go with the T-shirt.

This will set your style and define you.

Here are our recommendations.  
(add Pictures)  
Grab them before they sell out!!!

6. Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are an important part of the business after a purchase is done. Marketing actually continues via the transactional emails too. Do you want to know how? Read on.

Emails that consist of information pertaining to confirmed order, shipping, and billing fall under the category of transactional emails. Almost 99.99% of transactional emails land up in the inbox and hence the open rate is definitely higher than other emails which probably end up in the promotions tab. Retainful helps with automating order notifications with a special feature.

That feature is the next order coupon for every order confirmation mail. Each coupon is unique and never repeated. An addition is the ability to set the validity of the coupon code to initiate the purchase.

This way of automatically generating coupon code along with the order confirmation emails is a doorway to urge the customer to purchase more, increase sales and also to retain the customer.

Here is a guideline to provide next order coupon in WooCommerce. This is how your next order coupon will look like with Retainful


Other ways to trigger sales using transactional emails
  • Recommendations can be mentioned as part of transactional emails. These recommendations must be based on the browsing behavior of the customer. Cross-selling / upselling can be applied here effectively.
  • A discount can be offered instead of providing them with a coupon code, though both serve the same purpose.
  • Feedback can be asked for regarding the product purchased.

7. Discount / Promotional Emails

The eCommerce domain is known for flash sales and seasonal discounts which every buyer looks forward to from time to time. It is a fact that the sales skyrocket for any eCommerce domain when a discount is announced.

But the groundwork has to be done prior to that which is…

Sending out automated discount/promotional emails.

The discount sales can be announced for no reason or it can have a special reason like a festival, an occasion, a weekend sale, or even the birthday or anniversary of your customer.

Whatever the reason is, the automated email for this must be simple, loud, and clear without too much clutter.

Like this one by Paul Smith


If the offer is for your anniversary or your customers’ birthday, the following template will work best. BirthdayOffer

8. Reorder Emails

These types of emails are not widely in use but yes it does make a difference in retaining the customer. This will suit the eCommerce business or retailers handling fast-moving consumer goods such as cosmetics and grocery.

For example, you buy a facial serum and use it religiously. Considering regular use, everyone can estimate the time it takes to finish that bottle.

With this in mind, as a person running an eCommerce business, you can send an automated email before the customer uses up the product.

You can simply ask, “Would you like to re-stock?’

There you go. The customer immediately realizes the need to re-stock and you have had a sale. As simple as that.

As far as consumer goods like cosmetics and grocery are concerned, people will not hesitate to re-stock them by purchasing from nearby outlets, even for a higher price because it is an immediate necessity.

Hence, this kind of reminder emails will help in urging your customer shop for more.

9. Reminder Emails

Last but not least, automated reminder emails are essential to reminding a customer of the offers that you have in store for them.

People get really busy that they tend to forget things easily. It is your duty as a retailer, to nudge the customer in a very subtle manner from time to time. See to that they don’t get pissed off.

Things that must be reminded to a customer

  • Discount code expiration
  • End of sale with the discount offered
  • An abandoned cart
  • A feedback

Check out this image to get a sense of a reminder email.


The email echoes LAST CHANCE!

And that is the reminder.

That’s all for now. Look at your prospects, choose the right automated email campaign, and set it rolling.