How Follow Up Emails Boost your Freemium Product’s Conversion Rate

How Follow Up Emails Boost your Freemium Product’s Conversion Rate

Follow up email is the key to boost your lead conversion. Making a healthy customer relation through follow up emails buy customers trust on your product. Hear what, Up-selling becomes much easy with satisfied customers. Most businesses are looking for ways to get new customers at low costs. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get customers without spending money. For freemium to work, you should understand the needs of the users and what can motivate the users to upgrade.

In the B2B and B2C world, email marketing is common. Most businesses put their focus on the initial copy, design, layout, and format of the email. The logistics of the lead generation campaign means that as a subscriber asks for a guide, trial, whitepaper, or offer through the email, it is important to confirm that you have received the request by responding to their inbox instantly through auto-response.
In most cases, a follow-up email is often forgotten or neglected. The follow-up email plays a valuable role in any business campaign. With the follow-up email, you can easily fulfill the request of the subscriber, engage the subscribers and nurture the leads, promote your products and services, and also introduce yourself quickly. The following are some of the tips that can help you when sending a successful follow-up email to increase your freemium product conversion rate.


When sending a follow-up email, it is important to introduce yourself. The person who will receive the email may have interacted with your company or brand in some way; they are interested in the message from your company, take the opportunity and introduce yourself well. Introduce the company, what you offer, and your target.

The contact details

Be available always and include your email address or telephone number for the subscriber to contact your company easily. The subscriber can contact you to:

  • Speak to an expert regarding the niche subjects or specialist
  • Access more information about the services or products that you offer
  • Troubleshoot issues they have accessing the product or service they requested


A call to action is the statement that you can use to get a response from the subscriber. It can help you to get the target market respond through an action. CTA is usually placed throughout the email or at the end of the email. This will help the subscribers to know what to do if they are interested in your freemium product.

A call to action will help the user to take action. The CTA can be included on the homepage or the navigation bar. Ensure that the CTA is short, tell the users what to do, urge people to respond immediately, stand out, and test it before sending the follow-up email. Some examples of CTA

  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Like our Facebook page
  • Request a free demo
  • Are you still interested?
  • Download
  • Join now

If a subscriber requests your freemium product, they need access to it. Your email should include a call to action button which has download link. You can also include attachments, but you may have problems with the spam filters depending on the type and size of the attachment. You should be creative on how you deliver the request.


This is an important feature in the follow-up emails. Ensure that you add links and the promotions that you have. From a marketer’s view, this is important and can add more value to the subscriber looking for more information about your brand. Here are some of the tips that you can use:

  • Links to your website, some pages, or the ‘contact us.’
  • Your social media links
  • Upcoming or previous events, seminars, or webinars
  • Other marketing systems
  • Product demonstrations or free trials
  • Free downloads like videos

The subject line

The follow-up emails need a subject line. Ensure that you test the email before sending. Make sure that it is not delivered into the junk folder and should be easy to locate using keywords. If a subscriber requests for some information, ensure that it is accessible immediately or within a short period.


This may be the first time you are talking to a lead, and you can start the process of nurturing. After thanking the subscriber for their request, set their expectations for the sales to follow up or future contact that you expect having with the person. The free trials or demonstrations should explain that the company representative will be in touch to make the arrangements with them.

The whites or guides should help to explain that you will contact them to discuss the marketing collateral that they have downloaded and any other requirements that you may have in the future.

Don’t forget to promote your social channels to help them get more information.

How to Write Follow Up Emails


Set a reminder or task to follow up the subscribers. We live in a fast and busy world; you can set a reminder or write down in your diary. This will help you to follow up. The first step to send a follow-up email is to remember to follow up. You can have a pre-written email to send the subscribers.

Some people may find it difficult to write a follow-up email. There are several examples, but ensure that you pre-write a few templates that are suitable for your company products or services. Ensure that the emails are friendly and personal. The actual email should not sound like a form that is pre-filled.

When writing the follow-up email, you can ask them questions and listen to what they have to say. You can ask about the quote or how they feel about the offer. Open-ended questions can give you the opportunity to get information from the prospects.


Follow up emails should be a routine. If you get used to sending follow up emails, you will get it hard to do business without following up. The emails will create a bond with the subscribers which can pay-off after some time. Don’t be a stranger to your customers; send them to follow up emails.

Follow up email is one of the best ways to request the subscribers to upgrade from freemium to paying. We improved our sales conversion by 270% using emails . The emails can be used in different ways; the main thing you want to achieve is to let the customers know that you care about their experience and you are ready to help them use and enjoy the product. I’ve done a blog post explaining how automated emails help a business grow.

You may feel counterintuitive to send the subscriber with emails, but the follow-up messages will help the customers to stay engaged with the product when used well.

Apart from the immediate response thanking the subscribers for their interest in your business and welcome them. Also, remember to include content that will remind the customers of the most important issues. The follow-up emails will help you to know if they are enjoying the product. Make sure that they have a way of asking questions if they want any help. Remind them of any upcoming event or offer; this should be included in the CTA. This will help the customers decide on the ongoing service.