7 Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Ideas For Shopify And WooCommerce

7 Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Ideas For Shopify And WooCommerce

I happened to come across a scribble board meant for my toddler on an eCommerce platform.

I did add it to my cart but somehow did not opt for a checkout.

It has been months and it still remains there.

I used to shop from the same site regularly but you won’t believe the after-effect. Post this incident, I have not returned to that website. Not even once since then.

Gone. The loss of a loyal customer is crucial. Let’s find out the reasons.

Why is abandoned cart recovery important?

These findings will tell you why

There cannot be any better reason to start implementing an abandoned cart recovery campaign, especially for Shopify and WooCommerce, two popular platforms that help with online selling.

The best way to recover an abandoned cart is to use email marketing because the user base is massive than any other platform. There were 3.8 billion email users just before the start of 2019 according to a study by Radicati Group.

7 Best strategies for recovering abandoned cart sales

7 email strategies that have the potential to perform well for Shopify and WooCommerce cart recovery are listed here.

1. Include subject lines that convert

Email Monks define subject line as ‘the doorway to sales’.

This is true in every sense because it is the elements in a subject line that urges the recipient to open and read it. This ultimately is the first step as far as email marketing is concerned.

Considering this factor, the subject lines of Shopify or WooCommerce cart recovery emails need to be given an extra thought when crafting them. It is pretty much tougher than any other email subject line as it is all about bringing back a visitor who showed some hesitation to shop for one reason or the other.

Let’s compare two subject lines and see what can be done to combat this issue.

Email 1: Complete your purchase

You are directly asking the prospective Shopify or WooCommerce store customer to spend some time to shell out money from their pocket. This is beneficial to you and not for them.

Email 2: You Left Something In Your Basket - Can We Help?

Keep the site visitor in mind and rather use the above phrase. This does not talk about money and entices him to take a peek into the email which is what you actually want.

For the email 2 subject line, as per the data collected by Rejoiner , the following were the metrics

Open rate: 54.34%
Conversion rate: 25.95%

Other effective ways to write a Shopify and WooCommerce cart recovery subject line:

  • The FOMO strategy: Your cart is expiring.
  • Personalize: Hey Clara, your cart is expiring.
  • Give an offer: Good News - Your price just dropped!

2. Remind your customers the products they have left behind

Instances of forgetfulness are common in today’s way of living. You can use this as a cue to deliver a better Shopify or WooCommerce cart recovery email. Here is how you can take this forward.

Method 1: Mention the product in the subject line itself.

Method 2: Include a decent or super-sized image of the product in the copy

Here is an email from Fab, powered by Shopify, that incorporates both of the methods.

Remind your customers the products they have left behind

Adding an image is more effective as a reminder because it is a fact that images create a better impact on the mind than words.

An issue to ponder

What if the abandoned cart contains multiple products? Should you include images of all the products in the recovery email?

Well, it is a straight NO. The email will look cluttered, unappealing, and the focus is lost.

  1. Any person who goes shopping, whether in-person or online, always gets things based on priority. So, the first product that fills the cart is what they prefer to own the most. Simply use that one image of the first product that your prospective customer ordered.
  2. Sometimes, products of need and importance are priced higher. For example, a sofa, a mobile, and the like. Add the image of the product that has the highest price in the cart.

By using any of the above two solutions, the images of other products ordered pop up in their minds immediately.

To be sure, just put things to test.

3. Offer an exclusive discount for the abandoned cart item

I personally prefer to shop online when products are available on a discount.

I am not all alone. Here are the stats to prove it.

  • Neil Patel says 54% of shoppers prefer to purchase products left in abandoned carts if offered at a lower price.
  • Adestra found out that at 4.15 on a scale of 1 to 7, customers rated discounts in email as the biggest influence on their purchase decisions.

You can trust this method like the back of your hand.

But, do you know when to use it?

It is a serious flaw if you provide a discount in the first email of the WooCommerce cart recovery campaign. You are losing your margin in this case.

A high price is not the only reason behind Shopify and WooCommerce cart abandonment. There are plenty others and so why take chances. So, say if you are planning a 3-email series, it is wiser to mention the discount in the second or third email.

Below shown is an email image offering product at a discount with the words ‘Just for you’. This makes the reader feel that the offer is personalized and exclusive. Offer an exclusive discount for the abandoned cart item

4. Emphasize on free shipping

Paying extra bucks from your pocket for the product to be delivered to you. This is one hell of a problem with eCommerce.

A Paypal study revealed that 43% of shoppers abandoned shopping carts because the shipping prices were too high.

An apparel and gear company, Huckberry, cashed on this issue to create Shopify cart recovery emails where the words ‘SHIPPING = FREE’ stand out. They know their trade inside out with the knowledge of how to reduce cart abandonment .

Emphasize on free shipping

5. Let customers realize how close they are to checkout

Online shopping is time-consuming. With endless options to choose from, customers actually fail to notice the time they have exhausted to place an order.

Irrespective of this, customers still abandon a cart without a second thought over a simple issue.

This image by Amazon sums it up.

Let customers realize how close they are to checkout

It shows four stages of online shopping.

Your customer is just one step away from owning the product added to the cart. It is like conveying the message ‘Most of the journey is over. Just spend a minute to place the order, sit back, and relax’.

Adding a progress bar similar to this in the email can make a difference in your cart recovery campaign.

Here is another way to deliver the same message.

Though not a Shopify or WooCommerce retailer, it is worth to note the subject line used by Virgin Atlantic to get their customers to book flight tickets.

It reads ‘You’re almost there’.

It is that simple to retain your customer with a little brainstorming behind it.

Let customers realize how close they are to checkout-2

6. Recommend other products in the cart recovery email

Even after adding an item to the shopping cart, it so happens that a person might still dilly-dally about it.

People are sometimes unsure if they really like the product or they do not have enough time to look for a better choice. The result is an abandoned cart.

You must take the reins here.

Show images of similar products as recommendations.

This WooCommerce email from Kate Spade recommends products belonging to the same category ‘handbags’. This implies that the product available in the cart too is of the same kind.

Pro Tip: Refrain from recommending a complementary product, like a sunglass for a handbag. This will see better results after a product is purchased and not in a cart recovery email.

With this, you will not only recover innumerable carts but also email marketing using good plugins .

Recommend other products in the cart recovery email

7. Use social proof in emails

Reviews and testimonials are what I mean by social proof for an eCommerce website.

The usual place where you find a testimonial or review is in the product page of a Shopify or WooCommerce store. Why not anywhere else?

Place the same in your abandoned cart recovery email. Just make sure that you do not include all the reviews. Choose 2 or 3 reviews or go for just 1 prominent review that has the capability to impact conversions positively. Also, provide a link to read other reviews. Check out this email from Casper.

Use social proof in emails

Another way to include social proof is to present star ratings for the products. People normally are very excited to check out products that have ratings above 4.

This email by Sephora uses star ratings very effectively.

Use social proof in emails-2

Are you still planning to wait to let those abandoned carts of your eCommerce domain pile up?

Every second counts and wait no more. There are many Shopify and WooCommerce plugins available out there to enhance your abandoned cart recovery via email marketing. It is definitely going to consume some precious time of yours to zero in on the best one. So, here we have compiled for you a handful of best plugins for cart recovery to give your journey to success a head start.

Just buckle down and you will not have the time to look back.