20 PopUp Ideas to make your WooCommerce & Shopify Customers to Click & Convert

20 PopUp Ideas to make your WooCommerce & Shopify Customers to Click & Convert

20 popup ideas? Do you think that it is a lot to look into? It might be. But yes, each and every idea is noteworthy and can be implemented seamlessly.

Let’s look at some popup facts compiled by Sumo.

On studying around 2 billion popups Sumo found that

  • An average of 9.28% conversion rate was detected for 10% of the highest performing popups.

  • The average conversion rate for all popups was 3.09%.

The numbers are small but that estimate is for 2 billion popups. It for sure means a lot when an individual retailer is concerned.

By using popups from Optimonk, a woman’s fashion online retailer called ZooShoo increased revenue by 7% and subscribers by 5000 in just two months time.

Enough of facts. Read on to know how popups empower WooCommerce and Shopify eCommerce stores.

20 Popup Ideas for better conversion rates

Listed are some highly appreciated popup ideas for WooCommerce & Shopify stores.

Email Popup

Email popups are the most common ones found on eCommerce domains and the reason is simple. It leads to list building without which your business will remain stagnant. The below example shows a Shopify email signup popup.

It stands out for 2 reasons:

  • Circular shape and artistry
  • The enticing copy with the power of the words - ‘Stay in the know’

When reading the copy, the reader experiences a surge of FOMO and immediately signs up for this Shopify email popup to be in the know.

Email Popup

Exit Intent Popup

The use of an exit intent popup is the last strategy up the sleeve to turn a visitor into a customer before he exits the website.

The cursor movement of the user is completely tracked and this exit intent popup is triggered when the cursor moves towards the top of the page for closing.

Exit intent popups are considered the best rated and the reason is the conversion rate they generate. The sales conversion for WooCommerce and Shopify stores when using exit intent popups is highly regarded. OptinMonster says that one can recover 10-15% of lost visitors with this popup.

Exit Intent Popup

The above shown is an example of a WooCommerce exit intent popup from Kate Spade. Do you want to create a similar one for your site? Then don’t hesitate to check out the WooCommerce plugin for CampaignRabbit .

With an exit intent popup Shopify stores too can convert customers overnight and see a drastic rise in sales.

Lightbox Popup

The idea behind the popup is in the name itself. When this popup appears, the background or the website gets darkened and hence the presence of the popup is given an uplift. The popup catches the attention of the user completely.

The purpose of a lightbox popup is varied though it is mostly used for getting new subscribers. In this Shopify lightbox popup example shown below, the purpose is to get the person to subscribe by providing a next order purchase discount.

The lightbox popup can be triggered at the time you desire. For WooCommerce and Shopify stores, it is best to trigger a lightbox popup 5 to 10 seconds into the first-page view in order to encourage a purchase by offering a discount.

The example shows a Shopify popup signup form by Fulton & Roark.

Lightbox Popup

Welcome Popup

A welcome popup can be perceived as of two types

  1. One that appears at the entry into a website
  2. One that appears after a person gets subscribed, as a gesture to welcome the person into the family
  3. One that appears when a person re-visits after a long time

Number 1 is mostly used for predominantly getting emails and number 2 is used to initiate sales. This welcome popup from Levi’s has a mix of elements from both type 1 and 2.

Welcome Popup-1

This WooCommerce or Shopify welcome popup reminds the customer about the free shipping coupon code to be used after the first purchase.

Welcome Popup-2

Add to Cart Popup

Add to cart popup is a game changer according to Soma Toth, CEO of Recart, an eCommerce marketing agency. He claims it with evidence from experiments done by his company, Recart

Recart designed a simple Shopify add to cart popup to capture emails after customers click on ‘add to cart’. This is how it looked.

Add to Cart Popup 1

To everyone’s surprise, the response was overwhelming with an overnight conversion rate of 62%. The idea clicked.

The reason for the success of this add to cart popup according to Recart CEO is just a simple logic of projection. The popup appears at a time when the customer complies to purchase and so it is HIS need to provide the email address. It seems that it is not the company who is in need of the email address to facilitate the purchase.

Here is a WooCommerce cart popup developed by YITH.

Add to Cart Popup 2

The image demonstrates another way of designing an add to cart popup. It indicates that the product has been added to cart along with some related products as a recommendation to encourage more shopping.

Abandoned Cart Reminder Popup

This type of popup is meant to be an exit-intent popup. The WooCommerce or Shopify popup gets triggered when the person is about to leave the page without completing the checkout.

Sometimes it works only when a discount is given at this point like in the image below. It offers a discount of 10% to finish the process.

Abandoned Cart Reminder Popup 1

In reality, a similar kind of popup can be used when a person with abandoned cart history comes back to shop the next time. Zales uses such a popup as a friendly reminder about the abandoned products. This popup helps in Discounts for WooCommerce to a great extent.

Abandoned Cart Reminder Popup 2

Discount Coupon Popup

Offers are always irresistible. People wait for a discount to be announced and sales surge during this time.

Discounts for WooCommerce and Shopify stores can be displayed in the form of popups to visitors. They can be used on various occasions like the following
  • When a person is about to start the purchase
  • When a person leaves without adding anything to the cart
  • To encourage repeat purchases
  • To convey anniversary and seasonal offers

The motive behind using a discount coupon popup mostly falls under the below-mentioned categories

  • To drive sales
  • To retain a customer
  • For list building
  • To expand the social media base

Two aspects that you can find in a discount coupon popup are the discount and the coupon code. They can be used separately or in combination as per the needs of the WooCommerce or Shopify eCommerce retailer.

Shown below is a sample WooCommerce coupon popup by Coupon Box.

This sample emphasizes collecting email address for list building by providing a discount.

Discount Coupon Popup

Popups can be pre-set as campaigns by the retailer. Discount coupon popup campaigns are a must for any WooCommerce or Shopify store because discounts and the eCommerce sector go hand-in-hand.

Newsletter Popup

Do newsletters matter for the eCommerce sector? Oh yes, they do.

Newsletters contain information on special offers, discounts, events, new product launches, exclusive content, and many more. This is the easiest way to collect emails from site visitors.

To make it more interesting, an offer of 10% or 20% can be provided on the first purchase to make the person the sign up to the newsletter.

Newsletter popups usually appear at the time of entry, usually 5 to 10 seconds into the browsing. The impact is lost when it is delayed further.

Here is a WooCommerce newsletter popup by the skincare company Sodashi.

It does mention in the copy the probable contents of the newsletter - about new products, treatments, and special events.

The popup is simple yet effective with an option for social shares too.

Newsletter Popup

Product Image Popup

A single product to be sold is highlighted with a product image popup.

With numerous products that are available, go for the following criteria to advertise a product using the product image popup for WooCommerce and Shopify stores.

  • A product that is a hot-seller and favorite among all
  • A product that is sold at a whopping discount
  • A highly rated item with limited stock
For a Shopify store product image popup, this given sample can be considered. It features just one product and one also has the option to choose the desired colors. The idea of this popup is upselling is 20 times more effective than cross-selling.

Product Image Popup 1

Here is another WooCommerce product image popup with a little difference. The intent of the popup is to build an email list by showing a red leather bag that will be available on a discount if subscribed to the newsletter.

Product Image Popup 2

Upsell Popup

Upselling is all about making the customer purchase a similar product with a higher price tag. Statistics show that upselling is 20 times more effective than cross-selling. This is because of the human nature that of yearning to own the best of everything.

Upsell Popup

Look at the WooCommerce upsell popup image above. It shows that the site visitor has already added a pack of cat food to the cart and immediately a popup appears with suggestions to buy more. The recommendations are food at higher prices and an overall offer of 30% is provided too.

Optinmonster also offers WooCommerce and Shopify upsell popup services and they call it as ‘In-cart upsell popup’ , simply because the popup appears after the item is added to the cart.

Social Share Popup

In this age where going social is a necessity rather than a trend, there is no harm in experimenting with a popup which asks the customers to spread the word via social media.

There are many ways in which a social share popup can be developed. Here are some ideas.

Type 1: Simply urge people to follow your store on a social media platform.

Type 2: Offer a discount for a Facebook like.

Type 3: Ask to share your purchase after checkout.

Social Share Popup

The above image is one amongst Shopify popup examples by Jaimin Essence and is one similar to Type 2.

Advantages of social share popup:

  • Leads to more email list building.
  • Reach to a base of larger audience in a comparatively shorter time
  • Conversions and sales get intensified when the news spreads like wildfire.

Feedback Popup

Customers are the backbone of any business and their satisfaction is vital for sustenance and growth in the eCommerce sector.

On facing an issue when shopping online, most people simply choose to leave and shop from another eCommerce retailer. Research by Esteban Kolsky, CEO of thinkJar, found that only 1 out of 26 customers find it worth to raise a complaint.

The worst part is that you are never going to know the reason for abandonment. It is for this reason feedbacks are given prime importance and when in the form of popups, the chances of getting a response are higher.

Feedback Popup

The picture shows a sample that can be used effectively for both Shopify and WooCommerce stores. It asks for a written feedback on offers.

Sometimes, people consider it a laborious work to type a feedback. Instead, you can also opt for star ratings or even options to choose from.

Chat Popup

Usually, a chat option appears in the bottom corners of the landing page in many B2B and B2C websites but it is not a common sight to see a chat popup in an eCommerce domain. Why is it so?

With the dominance of email marketing, a live chat is sometimes underestimated. There is proof that people do prefer live chat for online purchase. With this data in hand, the option for a live chat can be taken a notch higher by introducing it in the form of a popup.

Who knows? The visitor might be struggling to find the right product. A live chat is a helping hand at the right time similar to the one done by the home improvement giant Lowe’s.

Take a look at the popup below. It is worthy to note that this popup appears only after a considerable time of browsing done by the visitor.

Chat Popup

Countdown Timer Popup

A countdown timer displayed anywhere creates an adrenaline rush to take swift action and it does give results for the eCommerce sector.

A simple popup with just a copy, done effectively, can drive more conversions. The effect is doubled when a countdown timer for WooCommerce store is added to an exit-intent popup like the one done by Beeketing which is displayed below.

Beeketing’s WooCommerce popup plugin Checkout Boost gives the effect of 3 - popup + countdown timer + discount = 39% conversion rate.

The psychological factor that adds to the success of this countdown timer popup is the FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out factor. It creates a sense of urgency to act without delay.

Countdown Timer Popup

Product Recommendation Popup

There are a plethora of products that are available online when one decides to shop. It is a very time-consuming job to choose from the lot. So, eCommerce retailers must master the strategy of recommending apt products to customer to make shopping a pleasant experience.

Here are some ways to use a product recommendation popup

  • As an in-cart upsell popup

  • As a cross-sell popup on the product /cart page

  • To recommend best-sellers

  • To notify about similar products that are available on a discount

The below example of product recommendation popup for WooCommerce and Shopify appears when a person leaves the site without shopping for anything.

Product Recommendation Popup

Out of Stock Popup

It is sometimes disappointing to see an out-of-stock message after choosing your favorite product. Did you know that even the out-of-stock pages can convert customers if planned well?

Method 1: Give other recommendations

Out of Stock Popup 1

The above-shown image is a classic example of a Shopify out-of-stock popup from the eCommerce retailer ASOS. This, in fact, lifts the mood of the customer to look for other options.

Method 2: Get the email address
Out of Stock Popup 2

Zappos, the shoe store, takes the same idea a notch higher by asking for the email address so that the retailer can notify the customer when the item is back in stock. In addition, it also provides other options to choose from.

Exclusive Content Popup

Information is wealth and this never changes. Long’s Jewelers is one clever marketer who uses this strategy to build email lists.

The Shopify popup window shown below appears on the product page and clearly conveys to the user the benefits of signing up to get the content. Of course, the engagement ring is very precious to everyone but only a few know how to choose the right one.

Exclusive Content Popup

The copy of the window indicates the summary of the free copy and one thing to be noted is that all of the points hold equal importance - how to save money, budget, the ring style, and questions to be asked. The dire necessity to choose the best engagement ring available entices any person to sign up without being hesitant.

Conversions are guaranteed here because after going through the content one will definitely want to give it a try. So, the content reader turns into a customer.

Free Shipping Popup

Free shipping is something that people want very badly when shopping online. Consider this scenario - a person buys things on discount online and the saved money gets used up with paid shipping. There is nothing more annoying than this for an online shopper.

It is absolutely not possible to ship overseas for free but you can do the same for your own country and some nearby ones may be.

To do this effectively,

  1. Use geo-targeting in your online store to find out the location from where the person is browsing.
  2. Segment accordingly and use relevant popups.

A geo-targeted free shipping popup is shown below.

Free Shipping Popup

Contest Popup

The American modern furniture store, Design Within Reach, uses a giveaway contest as bait to collect email addresses. The popup appears within seconds of entry into the page.

The special features of this popup are:

  • The image of the product
  • The ZIP code
  • The CTA

With the image out there, you know what you are in for and the CTA ‘ENTER NOW’ enrolls you directly into the giveaway. What about the ZIP code? It reassures any person that he will receive the winning prize if he is lucky enough. In a nutshell, it shows that the giveaway is happening and is for real.

Contest Popup

Personalized Popup

Facts about personalization:

  • 90% of marketers believe that personalization is the future
  • 48% of consumers shop more when their experience is personalized

Considering the customer as someone near and dear works out in this busy age of the internet.

Though not an online store, this WooCommerce and Shopify optimized popup by Optinmonster is an apt example for personalization. It uses the name of the site visitor to convert the client.

Personalization does not stop with the name alone. Here are some other ways to personalize.

  • Personalized offers
  • User-specific content
  • Personalized recommendations as per browsing history

Personalized Popup

After this long read, you might be exhausted but I am sure that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you do have the strong hunch as others do on the efficacy of popups, look up this blog post to choose from the best WooCommerce popup plugins.

The bottomline…

Popups are not distracting.

Popups still hog the limelight.

Popups do work and convert for the better.

Go for it !!