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Abandoned Cart Recovery

Remind customers who have abandoned thier cart with automatic emails at set intervals and recover them

Follow-up Emails

Automatically send email follow-ups to your customers. You can ask them for a feedback, a review, or just say hello

Win-back Inactive Customers

Bring back inactive customers with special offers through automated email campaigns.

Product recommendations

Recommend “Socks” to customers when they purchase “shoes”. Start automatically sending relevant product recommendations

360 degree view of customers

Get valuable insights about your customers. Learn what days they usually place orders, time of order, total value of orders and more

Drag and drop visual email builder

Create beautiful emails with our intutive drag-and-drop visual email builder. Use short codes to add dynamic data like their names.

The best way to send emails to customers

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What you can do with CampaignRabbit

Better Segmentation of Customers

Easily create segments of your contacts based on data – total spending, location, behaviour and more. Campaignrabbit provides powerful segmentation of your customers. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and static reporting tools. Get more insight on your customers.

Automate your email follow-ups

With the pre-built, ready-to-go templates, send personalised emails to your customers automatically. Once the email flow is created, the system will take care of sending beautiful, responsive emails to your customers.

Use Campaignrabbit’s drag and drop visual email builder to build stunning emails and impress your customers

Here are some examples:

  • Send a Welcome email as soon as they sign up. This shows how professional you are and helps increasing the brand value.
  • Follow up your customer 2 or 3 days after they placed the order. Just say Hi and ask how do they feel about the product purchased.
  • Recommend related products, based on their previous purchases. Good and easy way to upsell or cross-sell your products.
  • Customer abandoned his cart? No worries, send an automated follow up a day after and bring them back
  • Win back the customers who have not visited your online store for more than 30 days, by automatically emailing them a discount coupon
  • Find high-value customers and send special offers to reward their loyalty

Reach Target Audience

Email campaigns are all about reaching your target customers. Stop sending generic emails to your entire customer list. Generic emails have a very low conversion rate of less than 2%.

And you don’t want your brand to be remembered as a spammer. Send targeted, personalised messages that does not look like a promotion, but encourages an active engagement with your business.